Optics: EFFLAM prepares for the future with multicore fiber amplification

Optical networks threaten to saturate… Spatial multiplexing is becoming essential to increase their capacity. In this perspective, the EFFLAM project was developing optical amplifiers based on doped multicore fibers. The amplification of several streams in parallel reduces infrastructure costs, equipment size and energy consumed.


The EFFLAM project had set itself the objectives of producing prototypes of amplifiers and ROADMs with mutualisation of optical amplification, but also of testing a complete chain of parallel transmission on a bundle of fibers . So that the consortium brings together the entire value chain from the manufacturer of multicore fiber (iXblue), to the integrator-manufacturer of optical amplifiers (Lumibird), to the industrial equipment manufacturer WDM systems (Ekinops), and to the operator operating these systems on its transport networks (Orange). To which must be added Photonics Bretagne with its technological platform and the scientific expertise of Télécom Paris and IMT Bretagne Atlantique.

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