iXblue’s Advans Ursa 5: high-grade INS now available for all fleets of tactical vehicles.

iXblue is presenting the Advans Series, its range of high-grade Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) for Land Defense applications at DSEI London, with a special focus on the Ursa 5 INS. The company is improving the reliability and competitiveness of the Advans Series. The Advans Ursa 5 INS, which enables tactical vehicles to navigate in fully GNSS-denied environment, is now available at a competitive cost. Following this strategic direction, iXblue hopes to give its customers the opportunity to acquire a better INS, delivering accurate real-time pointing and reliable navigational data whatever the conditions on the battlefield.

Advans Series : navigating in GNSS-denied environments for all Land Defense applications

Over the past, Inertial Navigation Systems use was restricted to sophisticated combat systems while the less complex ones had to rely on GPS for their navigation and positioning. But nowadays, the need for vehicles to be able to operate in GNSS-denied environments is dramatically growing and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) are the best solution to address this issue. The Fiber-Optic Gyroscope (FOG) technology, at the heart of iXblue’s INS, brings a number of unique advantages in terms of price/performance ratio, accuracy and reliability to this market. The FOG technology used on the Advans Series makes navigating in GNSS-denied environments accessible to all type of vehicles, a low cost of ownership and with robust autonomy.

Already trusted by an increasing number of military integrators, with the Advans Series INS (Ursa, Lyra, Vega) operating in numerous defense programs across Europe, South America and the Middle East, iXblue is a growing player in the Land Defense Market. Combat proven and designed to withstand severe environment, the Advans Series addresses the full spectrum of land applications (new and modernization programs) including Blue Force tracking, artillery launchers, armored and tactical vehicles, as well as optronics and radar systems. With all component being produced in France in iXblue’s factories, the Advans Series INS are ITAR-free solutions and only restricted to French Export Control. The Advans Series is cost-effective, highly-reliable, and very easy to integrate and operate.