iXblue participates to the expedition to the iconic wreck of Andrea Doria

OceanGate conducts the first submersible dives to the legendary andrea doria shipwreck in 20 years

(Press Release issued by OceanGate)

OceanGate, an ocean exploration company that has provided manned submersible services since 2009, captured, for the first time ever, detailed closeup sonar images of the legendary Andrea Doria shipwreck. Using its state-of-the-art manned submersible, OceanGate did the mapping with a team of explorers conducting the first manned submersible operation to the wreck since 1995.

“OceanGate’s 2016 expedition began a survey of the exterior of the wreck to capture detailed multi-beam sonar images. The expedition included three dives in the manned submersible to begin mapping the wreck and debris field. The goal is to digitally assemble the sonar scans into a virtual model to help illustrate the full scope of the wreck and document its current condition.


Those involved in supporting the Andrea Doria Survey Expedition included iXblue, which provided underwater navigation equipment;


Stockton Rush, OceanGate’s Chief Executive Officer, said the technology “worked beautifully” to help navigate the difficult conditions.“During each dive, we needed to approach the wreck at a specific place and heading to maintain maximum safety around the shipwreck site, and iXblue’s navigation system kept us on course the entire time.”