iXblue: An open software architecture for bespoke WECDIS solutions.

iXBlue, a French industrial group recognized worldwide for its innovative navigation solutions, offers Gecdis-W, an original WECDIS system based on an open software architecture that enables it to best meet each of its user’s specific needs.

A technological lead that has been maintained for over three decades

iXblue (initially under the SODENA brand) was one of the pioneers in maritime mapping and navigation software. These first embedded systems for use on board civilian and military vessels were delivered in the 90s.
By remaining focused on its values of technical excellence and innovation, iXblue was able to be one of the first to offer a certified ECDIS in 2001 and then a WECDIS in 2003. iXblue has now maintained its technological lead for over three decades: in 2012, it was again the first to supply touch-compatible WECDIS software, a significant advance in technology that was subsequently put to use in an innovative range of navigation tables introduced onto the market in 2014.

A community of users and vessels with unparalleled demands
Boasting a user base of over 12,000 ECDIS software licenses worldwide, iXblue has a strong set of references in WECDIS solutions. It has equipped the entire French navy (aircraft carriers, submarines, anti-aircraft frigates, multi-mission frigates, corvettes, etc.) with WECDIS since the latter switched its mapping and navigation over to digital media at the start of the century. By working together in partnership with the French navy, iXblue is able to constantly improve its offer and remain at the cutting edge of meeting military requirements, both in terms of functionality offered and the user-friendliness of its human-machine interfaces.
iXblue’s references also include equipping Malaysia’s LEKIU class of frigates, Singapore’s FORMIDABLE class of frigates, Pakistan’s AZMAT class of stealth fast attack craft, as well as a number of Europe’s coastguards. Recently, the Turkish navy has selected iXblue to supply the WECDIS systems for its two logistical support vessels currently under construction at the shipyards of Selah Makine ve Gemicilik Endustri Ticaret AS.

Beyond STANAG & IMO standards: bespoke solutions for each navy, or even each vessel!
iXblue’s technical offer goes beyond simply meeting the latest civil (IMO) and military (STANAG) navigation standards. Its open architecture allows iXblue to offer its customers the possibility of integrating additional functionality to meet their specific needs: including customization of the human-machine interface, the integration of electro-optical systems, Mine and Obstacle Avoidance Sonars or even weapons turrets, as well as immersive 3D engines, specific representations of oceanographic data, and merging of navigation data… The range of customizations available is extensive and in principle unlimited.
iXblue proposes two models for working in partnership with its customers: either the additional features are developed by the industrial partner and delivered with the software suite, or the industrial partner suppliers a Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables its customers, after a short period of training, to develop its own proprietary modules within its WECDIS and thus to have a solution that it is tailored to its own needs and maintained locally.

iXblue, the European leader in navigation solutions for the naval sector
iXblue is an industrial group that is recognized worldwide for the design, development and manufacture of equipment, integrated systems and solutions for military and civil use, in particular in the fields of navigation and positioning. iXblue supplies more than 35 navies worldwide. Its range of products is focused on critical sub-systems for the navigation systems of maritime vessels (high-performance inertial navigation systems, smart navigation bays, ECDIS/WECDIS, avoidance sonars) and on navigation and positioning systems for underwater vehicles (AUV, SDV, ROV)