iXblue Modulator Matching Components

The iXblue Modulator Matching Components are RF drivers and Automatic Modulator Bias Controllers. The iXblue RF drivers and iXblue MBC suit perfectly iXblue LiNbO3 modulators, as well they are optimized for a targeted modulation scheme. When all the components set is ordered, iXblue is performing the together components optimization by generating the desired optical signal: this is the guaranty to get the best and secure performance from a LiNbO3 modulator.


iXblue designs its own RF amplifiers, they suit ideally iXblue LiNbOmodulators: to one modulator and modulation scheme, a corresponding and specific RF driver choice is offered.

These drivers are mechanically well designed to allow easy connection to the modulators. They electrically well optimized for a modulator with adapted impedance, bandwidth, AC or DC coupling, output voltage,…, matchings. Because these RF drivers are dedicated per application, the ANalog, the DiGital and the PuLse modulation schemes, high performances from key optical modulator responses are reached: fast rise and fall times, low jitter digital signals, top-hat pulses, low noise and no distortion signals,…

The choice of iXblue RF drivers is a warranty of high and reliable performances, cost effective solution, and ease of use operation.

iXblue offers also a choice of automatic MBC (Modulator Bias controller) solutions: module instrument MBC-LAB, board MBC-board that can lock the operating point of Mach-Zehnder modulators for most of the applications.



Digital MZ Modulator Bias Controller

The iXblue MBC-LAB and MBC-Board show a very low noise sensitivity yielding a significant reduction of the required dither voltage amplitude. This new version is characterized by an enhanced stability. An USB communication and a Graphical User Interface (GUI) are introduced for ease of use.

As for the driver, iXblue MBC are proposed per application ANalog, DiGital and PuLse are fit perfectly modulator behavior and characteristics.The MBC-AN is designed for ANalog applications where a high purity carrier is required. They are easy to implement, fully automated with its autoset function.

The MBC-DG-LAB controller is a continuously tunable bias controllers, meaning it allows operation of the controlled intensity modulator at any point of its transfer function and thus can be used for any telecom and DiGital modulation schemes. As well, The MBC-LAB benefits of an Auto-set operation for the Min modes resulting in a simplified use for PuLse applications.

The MBC-IQ-Lab is an electronic system able to control MXIQER Modulators in a CS-SSB modulation scheme. It is based on the minimization of the beating harmonic of two small dithers. This system allows to maintain harmonic rejection of optical CS-SSB spectrum better than 40dB over tens of hours.