Hydroconsult acquires new Exail Echoes Compact sub-bottom profiler

Exail has concluded its first sale of the Echoes Compact, its brand-new sub-bottom profiler, to Hydroconsult, a recognized actor in hydrographic & geophysical activities and consulting. Hydroconsult becomes the first customer to purchase this new technology from Exail. Recently unveiled at the Oceanology International exhibition, the Echoes Compact is tailored for USVs and small vessels, providing high-resolution images of sedimentary deposits and buried objects across a depth range from very shallow waters to 400m.

The French surveying company, serving as a consultant and personnel provider to a major multi-energy firm in Africa, has chosen to provide them with Exail’s latest sub-bottom profiler. The objective is to analyze the sub-bottom before the installation of telecommunication cables and pipelines in West Africa.

“Always on the edge of technological updates on the market, we proposed the latest Exail sub-bottom profiling product to our client. With confidence that the Echoes Compact will provide the sharpest data for their survey campaigns, it will also give them the ability to transport the unit by plane between their subsidiaries over several countries.” said Benoît Fraleu, CEO of Hydroconsult.

Jonathan Morvan, Commercial manager at Hydroconsult and Benoît Fraleu, CEO at Hydroconsult. With Guillaume Jouve and Calixte Genin from Exail

The Echoes Compact system is specifically designed for Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs) and small vessels, owing to its low power consumption, compact dimensions, and the exclusive feature of being a fully subsea system. Exail’s new compact sub-bottom profiler is a portable solution suited to river, lake and ocean surveys, whatever the seabed topography. It offers good penetration of clays and sands thanks to a powerful low-frequency signal, together with 7.5 cm vertical resolution thanks to a wide bandwidth from 5 to 15 kHz.

In pursuit of this mission, Hydroconsult integrates the sub-bottom profiler and equips itself fully with other Exail systems, including INS Octans, Hydrins, USBL Gaps, and the acoustic beacons.

“The Echoes Compact achieves high penetration capabilities, making it one of the most advanced tools available today for underwater soil surveys, even in challenging conditions. said Calixte Genin, regional sales manager, at Exail. With its unique design and compact form, it stands as the optimal sub-bottom profiler for subsea companies seeking to enhance efficiency and success. We are confident that it will significantly contribute to Hydroconsult’s ability to push the boundaries of what is achievable in underwater surveying.”

Exail Echoes Compact – Portable sub-bottom profiler for inland and coastal environments

Echoes Compact performances at lake Geneva (Switzerland)