Sep 13
Sep 13

iXlive: Turning your photonic lab experiment into a compact and robust system


We will be pleased to have you onboard our PHOTONICS upcoming webinar. Photonics set-ups enabling Quantum Technologies usually take large lab space. Experiments such as atom laser-cooling, ion or single-photon manipulation require to feature stringent optical specifications. iXblue photonics solutions will respect optical alignments, power stability and polarization quality. Learn how micro-optics can be a game-changer all along the TRL ladder. Integrated Micro-Optical Bench (iMOB Series) offers an ideal solution to miniaturize your photonic experiment. Based on its expertise on active alignment of optical components in free-space, iXblue offers a reliable and stable component. The iMOB Series have already proved its value on the ground and in space for application in quantum sensing, quantum communication, quantum simulation and quantum computing. Register now!

Getting there

TUESDAY 13TH SEPTEMBER 2022 - 2 live sessions:
10am - 11am (CET)
5pm - 6pm (CET)

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Sales Director - iXblue Quantum Lasers & Micro-Optics

Quantum physicist and Director of Business Development & Sales - iXblue Quantum Sensors division