All-in-one Inertial Target Locator Module for high tempo forward operations

Joint Terminal Attack Controllers (JTACs), Forward Air Controllers (FACs) and Forward Observers (FOs) are all of crucial importance for the success of efficient military operations as they bring highly valued and essential coordination with ground forces during direct offensive air operations and fire onto a precise target.

Because of the very nature of their missions that include surveillance, target acquisition and coordinates extraction, those units conduct operations on forward locations, dangerously close to the enemy, where armies are engaged in conflict. They are thus particularly vulnerable to the enemy fire and need to maintain a very high tempo of operations in order to successfully and safely complete their missions.

It is to help them increase their survivability and the efficiency of their operations that iXblue has developed an innovative and revolutionary Inertial Target Locator Module, the Advans Vega TLM. Especially designed to reinvent the traditional solution currently used by forward military forces and that requires them to make use of various instruments such as laser range finders, goniometers and north finders, the new Advans Vega TLM offers a compact and lightweight all-in-one solution thay can fit all handheld thermal imagers. It can be carried into a backpack and enables military forces to reduce operations time and provides undisrupted navigation information.

While the traditional solution currently used by JTACs, FACs and FOs requires time on the field for the set-up and calibration of north finders and can be subjected to the loss of GNSS-signal, iXblue’s revolutionary Advans Vega TLM bypasses all those constraints. Indeed this new solution, with its integrated INS (Inertial Navigation System), does not require any calibration, nor does it need the use of north finders or GPS, saving exponential time as the INS provides accurate positioning information at all times and is instantly ready to use, even in GNSS denied-environments.