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Oceano - Acoustic Releases

Robust and field-proven acoustic releases
Oceano - Construction


Leveraging 40 years of experience and with over 15,000 units delivered, iXblue’s acoustic releases have proven their reliability by meeting the most demanding needs of scientific campaigns and offshore works.

Strength, accuracy, long-battery life (up to 10 years) and a permanent concern for quality make iXblue's Oceano acoustic releases a state-of-the-art product range designed for payloads from 200 kg to 5,000 kg and dedicated to both coastal and ultra-deep offshore operations.

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Oceano 500 Oceano 2500S Light Oceano 2500S Universal Oceano 5000S Oceano 2500T / Hadal
Coastal Oceanographic Oceanographic Oceanographic Ultra-deep
Material Aluminium Super Duplex Stainless Steel Super Duplex Stainless Steel Super Duplex Stainless Steel Titanium Grade 5
(Air/Water) in Kg
6.5/2 26/18 30/22 40/31 27/17
Size (OD*L) in
140*564 130*724 130*829 215*908 143*849
Load characterisitcs
(SW/RL) in Kg
500/200 2,500/500 2,500/2,500 5,000/5,000 2,500/2,500
Operating life with alkaline batteries (0°C, months) Up to 10 Up to 36 Up to 36 Up to 36 Up to 36
Options   Titanium housing Titanium housing    


  • Proven reliability
  • Standard or custom design for all applications  
  • Mooring safety (corrosion resistance, unrivaled operating life, secure command coding)
  • Long-term moorings in all seas and harsh environments
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Off-the-shelf batteries and back-up cell for release command



Coastal acoustic releases:

  • Oceanographic coastal measurements
  • Trawl-resistant mooring frame actuator
  • Shallow water remote controlled operations
  • River and lake moorings

Oceanographic acoustic releases:  

  • Oceanographic moorings  
  • Long-term instrumented moorings  
  • Ultra-deep moorings
  • Extreme environmental conditions
  • Acoustic actuators (hydraulic shackle or cable cutter)