Oceano HD15 Cable lay

Heavy duty acoustic release

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Oceano HD15 Cable lay (AR861E1S) acoustic release is designed for lifting and handling of heavy structures or cables on the seabed, in deep sea conditions.
Oceano HD15 Cable lay comprises the well-proven and reliable AR861 series acoustic actuator fitted with a short stainless steel frame to pass over rollers and davit under tension.
It is specially designed and customized for use on cable ships for cable laying and maintenance operations, but also for offshore marine construction operations.
This heavy duty unit uses the well-proved secure, low frequency acoustic command code structure for reliable deep sea operations.

Packing List
Oceano HD15 Cable lay is delivered in a marine plywood transit box together with an opening tool for the acoustic actuator, a digital copy of the user guide, the ATR and the certificate of compliance from the independent supervisory authority.
– Transit case dimensions: 118x47x37 cm
– Gross weight: 91 kg

As standard, a master link made of high strength carbone steel is delivered with any acoustic release. This is moreover the master link used during the trial on the tensile test bench.

For each model, iXblue is able to provide a coupling kit for tandem configuration.




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