DriX has been designed with the absence of Human factor as a fundamental, from launch and recovery to mission’s execution.
Fast, enduring, safe, high seas going and sea proven, it shows outstanding seakeeping capabilities and takes the industry of surface drones several steps further.
Designed from our shipyard design office, following our own in-house surveyors’ teams’ requirements, built by our shipyard, and refined with our long-time international major partners in the fields of Geosciences and Offshore Energy.



  • Unmanned architecture providing an extended working domain
  • Low weight and narrow beam to reduce the footprint on a work deck
  • Reduced fuel consumption and ECO mode
  • Welcomes third party equipment
  • Reduces the number of human support teams





  • Composite construction methods (Vacuum infusion)
  • Kevlar reinforced
  • Moulding process (timely construction, perfected shaping process)
  • Change of payloads, data broadcasting and retrieval, replenishment at sea simplified
  • Design optimized for both coastal and offshore missions
  • Highly efficient hull shape




Displacement 1.4 tons
Beam 0.7m
Height 3.2m
Endurance Up to 7 days
Control Fully autonomous, semi-autonomous, direct remote control
Communications Line of sight (WiFi, radio, contact us for SATCOMS)
Payload power  
Gondola tailor-made for your equipment



Type of payload



Towed array light sonar

Side Scan Sonar

Sub Bottom Profiler



Cameras and optical sensors



Efficient Survey Platform

  • Excellent platform stability for data acquisition, even at high speed (10+ knots)
  • Payload located in a gondola, two metres under the surface, in a noise-reduced and bubble-free environment
  • Data-sharing within Line Of Sight (WiFi), or in-cradle-retrieval when DriX is in its Launch And Recovery System

Autonomous And Offshore-Going

  • In tunes with existing international regulations
  • Fitted with an intelligent auto-pilot linked to the mission-preparation software
  • Several DriX operating independently under the supervision of one support vessel
drix application


  • Manual override possible at all times
  • Take me home function
  • Homing device for safety recovery
  • Never-to-exceed safety distance when operating in close proximity of another asset (or support vessel) to avoid collision
  • COLREG compliance through autopilot or remote supervisor action