Webinar with iXblue China – August 2020

On Aug. 19th, iXblue Photonics launched a webinar with distributor in China.

The webinar focused on characteristics and applications of LiNbO3 modulators.

Shuo Zhang, Sales Manager in China introduced the advantages of LiNbO3 material and main parameters of LiNbO3 modulator, as well as LiNbO3 modulator for applications in optical communication (RFoF, QKD, …), Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS), high power laser and pulse shaping , Space communication and qualification, and quantum physics,…, in relation with client application needs.

Also, Shuo shared some modulator usage tips and common problems in use.

The webinar attracted more than 300 people to attend and got well-received feedback.


Shuo Zhang

China Sales Manager

iXblue Online Seminar 2020 (PDF)