Warship Electronic Chart Display and Information System

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Gecdis-W offers a comprehensive range of specific military features improving tactical situation awareness through the display and process of a broad range of critical information. MAIN ECDIS FEATURES – ENC/ARC/DNC charts representation – Polar projection (North and South) – Route planning and monitoring – Route Plan Exchange (RTZ) – Search And Rescue (SAR) diagrams – Anchor watch management and alert – Go / No Go area – Navigation tools (EBL, ERBL, VRM, LDL…) – Position fix – Display plausibility and integrity of the CCRS data from the INS WARSHIP FEATURES – AML charts representation (IWC, CLB, ESB, LBO, MFF, RAL, SBO) Common Geographic Reference System (CGRS) – Gun sector – Anti-Submarine Warfare – Moving Haven (MHN) – Submarine bathymetric profile – 2W – Tactical grids – Tactical screens – Automatic CMS targets classification





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