IEC-IMO & IHO compliant Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS)

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Gecdis-C is an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), which is fully compliant with the latest IEC, IMO and IHO standards and regulations. Gecdis-C benefits from iXblue’s nearly 30 years’ experience in designing and maintaining electronic navigation system and ECDIS type approved systems since 2000. Gecdis-C is designed to assist the Officer On Watch (OOW) in route planning and route monitoring, offering a comprehensive range of features improving navigational situation awareness thanks to an intuitive user interface allowing the display and process of a broad range of critical information with an Instantaneous chart redraw. Main features: ENC/ARCS charts representation Polar projection (North and South) Route planning and monitoring Route Plan Exchange (RTZ) Rendez-vous Multi-fleets managements (AIS, ARPA, AUV, …) Search And Rescue (SAR) diagrams Anchor watch management and alert Go / No Go area Navigation tools (EBL, ERBL, VRM, LDL…) Position fix (Visual, VSA, HSA) Radar overlay Tide and currents List of lights Weather data import (GRIB 1 & 2) NAVTEX interface Voyage recording and replay Display plausibility and integrity of the CCRS data from the INS





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ECDIS implemented edition of current IHO and IEC standards

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Exail Gecdis-8 Gecdis-C: MED/IMO Certificate (Module B)

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Exail Quality MED/IMO Certificate (Module D)

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