Delph SAS - Bathymetry

Streamlined SAS technology in an industry proven workflow

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All SAS sonars require dedicated processing software for dealing with the amount and format of the SAS collected data. This hardly accommodates requirements from the survey industry to standardise the processing and interpretation tasks for geophysical data. iXblue especially addresses this need with SAS integration into DELPH Sonar Interpretation software suite. The addition of a new module – DELPH SAS – fully integrates Synthetic Aperture Sonar imaging into an industry proven processing software.

DELPH is the industry leading software suite providing the best productivity in a user-friendly environment thanks to a highly optimized workflow. Appreciated by major survey companies it now allows the full integration of SAS data together with conventional side-scan sonar, bathymetry, sub-bottom profiling, magnetic and other information layers. All existing features available in DELPH Sonar Interpretation like batch data processing and mosaicking, target picking and management, interpretation and seabed classification are now also available for SAS imagery.