Sams Series

Sams Series expands the capabilities of conventional imaging Side Scan Sonar
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By integrating positioning and navigation capabilities and performing real-time coherent and non-coherent SAS integration, iXblue makes SAS technology available to all hydrographic surveyors. The combination of all these technologies gives SAMS systems optimal imaging performance with respect to environmental conditions in terms of swath, resolution, image quality, coverage rate and absolute pixel positioning accuracy.




  • Georeferenced high precision data
  • Real-time generated of high-quality and high-resolution maps
  • High sea proven
  • Real-time multi-sensor data fusion / full swath seabed mapping
  • Sonar and navigation post-pessing capabilities from the raw data


  • Industry-standard workflow integrated in iXblue Delph software
  • Full survey package inside: sonar imaging, interferometric system, gap-filling MBES, bathymetry, SBP, magnetometer, pinger locator
  • Available in Kit for AUVs

Main performances

  Sams150 DT6000
  SAMS-150 SAMS-50 DT 6000

Tow fish
OEM version available
for AUV/ROV kit

Tow fish
OEM version available
or AUV/ROV kit

Central frequency 150 kHz 50 kHz
BANDWIDTH (Khz) 30 15
Swath 500 m 1800 m
Along-track/Across-track Resolution 7 cm x 2.5 cm 40 cm x 5 cm  
Modules 1/2/3 0.6m modules 3 modules
Coverage rate Up to 6km2/h Up to 8 km2/h
Depth Full ocean Full ocean
  Interferometric Bathymetry  



  • EEZ Mapping, Continental shelf extension, Marine Boundaries Delimitations
  • Law of the Sea
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Debris survey
  • Pre-site survey
  • Cable Route Survey
  • Deep-sea mining
  • Marine Renewable Energy


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