Netans Series

Navigation data distribution systems
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Netans acquires controls and processes all navigation sensors data and distributes the consolidated navigation information to the external systems.
Netans acts as a consistent common reference system which will ensure that all parts of the system run with the same navigation data.

For each data, the NDDS will qualify in three steps:

  • Validity: check the data is conformed to specified criteria
  • Integrity: comparison between data
  • Plausibility: coherency with data type

To protect navigation system against cyber attack, the NDDS:

  • Detect and alert on anomaly on sensor data
  • Detect and alert on anomaly on network stream
  • Use last standards in Cyber recommendations



  • Enhanced navigation safety
  • Improved data availability
  • Easy and cost–effective retrofit solution
  • Conformity to the last international shipping rules and standards adopted by IMO
  • Off-the-shelf product with easy customization using simple configuration file
  • Evolutive solution (HW & FW)


  • Advanced control, maintenance and simulation capacity
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface 
  • Smart Automatic Sensor Selection mode 
  • Correct sensor data according to the CCRP of the vessel
  • Automatic computation of derived missing data
  • Time management with PTP/NTP compatibility
  • Netans can be combined to handle redundancy or complex architectures

Netans is a shipe's nerve center within an integrated navigation system

Physical Characteristics



Netans N1 Netans N3 Netans N5 Netans N7