LabH6 joint laboratory

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LabH6 – joint laboratory between iXblue and Hubert Curien Lab on Hardened Fibers

iXblue and the Hubert Curien Laboratory (Jean Monnet Univ. St-Etienne /  CNRS / IOGS) created in 2019 LabH6, a joint research laboratory focusing on the study of optical fibers and optical fiber-based sensors in harsh environments.

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The Hubert Curien laboratory is composed of about 240 members who work on scientific topics related to optics, photonics and microwave, computer science, telecom and image. iXblue has been a long time partner of the academic research lab since its creation in 2006, in the frame of numerous funded projects and PhD programs.

Complementary skills

This new joint laboratory called « LabH6 » allows to leverage on the complementary strengths of both partners. iXblue and the Hubert Curien laboratory are benefiting from each others in term of: R&D capabilities, radiation test facilities and simulation tools. They also develop an overall characterization expertise for the description of the behavior of photonics systems in diverse extreme environments.

In depth material knowledge for technological breakthroughs

The LabH6 ultimate goal is to understand and identify the main mechanisms at the origin of the degradation of materials and optical fibers exposed to radiative environments. It involves studying samples dug out from the vast inventory of preform and fiber samples accumulated over the years.

This knowledge will in turn allow both partners to develop and validate their simulation tools designed to predict accurately both material and optical fiber response to radiation exposure. This approach applies to many domains such as space, medical, nuclear or high energy physics. The technical and scientific results will allow potential breakthroughs in these fields.