What is Fiber-Optic Gyroscope Technology?

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The FOG (Fiber-Optic Gyroscope) is the result of more than 30 years of research and development and is today considered to be the best gyroscope in the world: its performance is deemed genuinely unlimited.

FOG, The Ultimate Precision Rotation Sensor

Using The Light To Calculate Motion

Based on the Sagnac effect, FOGs are passive systems that use light to calculate motion. Rotations movements are measured by sending identical laser beams, in opposite directions, through a long fiber-optic coil.The laser beam travelling against the direction of rotation experiences a slightly shorter path delay than the other beam. Measuring the phase shift between the two beams reveals changes in orientation.Objects being free to rotate in three dimensions, iXblue’s Fiber-optic based inertial navigation systems contains three FOG gyroscopes, measuring rotations on those three different axis.



The Sagnac effect is at the heart of the FOG technology


Complete Mastery Of Technology Through Vertical Integration


iXblue has end-to-end control of its value chain, from the design work carried out in its engineering offices through to manufacturing in the company’s own production facilities. Its control over the performance of its products and its capacity to adapt are guarantees of quality and excellence.




iXblue produces all the critical elements of its INS in-house

Extensive Experience On All Markets

iXblue leverages 30 years of inertial navigation experience on various markets, including the offshore, defense, geosciences and aerospace industries.iXblue has thus gained extensive knowledge and experience of the FOG technology being used on the field. The company is thus able to constantly develop and adapt its advanced algorithms to meet the ever evolving requirements of its customers’ daily operations.

Powering unrivaled Performance

A Scalable Technology For All Types Of Applications


The performance of a fiber-optic gyroscope can be changed by altering the length and diameter of its coil, making it adaptable to a wide range of performance needs. Performance can further be increased by pushing back the technological limits of the optical components that are used within the FOG gyroscope.


Complete Mastery Of All Its Components

Because iXblue has complete mastery over all the components that are integrated into its systems, from its own optical fiber and components, to its accelerometers and algorithms, the company can push the limits of the FOG technology to have it reach new peaks of performance.

Unmatched Reliability

A highly Robust technology


Fiber-Optic Gyroscopes are truly solid-state passive systems. Indeed, the FOG technology does not involve any movement of mechanical parts causing dithers, vibrations, frictions and resulting in parts’ weariness and noise. This ensures many benefits for the user: acoustic stealth, robustness of the system (Power-on and Forget), cost-effectiveness and the lowest cost-of-ownership on the market

Resilient In Extreme Environments

Operating as a single component and relying only on light motion, FOGs are resistant to external disruptions such as shocks, extreme temperatures, magnetism or vibrations. This is why FOGs equip systems operating in extreme environments or expecting high resistance from their sensors: satellites, strategic submarines, long-range artillery, extreme deep-water robots and vehicles.

A Field-Proven technology