iXblue releases next generation Synthetic Aperture Sonar

iXblue is releasing the next generation of Synthetic Aperture Sonar combined with the processing capability of the Delph SAS software (real time waterfall & mosaicking). Within the framework of a maintenance contract between iXblue and the Belgium Navy (Marine Warefare Data Center), a global upgrade of their mapping system has been performed.

The Topside processing unit was upgraded with the latest Delph SAS software features including latest algorithms and major improvements. Maintenance process was completed by sea trials performed in March 2017 on board minehunter BNS Primula (offshore Zeebruges, Belgium).

Synthetic Aperture Sonar delivered unpreceded high quality mosaic images with accurate positioning combining coupled iXblue USBL Gaps & subsea INS.

SAS Mosaic at 5cm resolution 320 m full swath, 13m fish altitude & 3cm Delph SAS Mosaic: laid down trawl net