FLS Series

Mine and Obstacle Avoidance Sonar

Vue d'ensemble

The FLS Series is the next generation mine and obstacle avoidance sonar. Derived from the sea proven technology of the 3D Multi-Beam Echo Sounder SeapiX, the FLS Series revolutionizes the market and increases performances.

The 3D Multi-Beam Echo Sounder has been developed upon request of the French Armament Secretary for multipurpose applications such as mine and obstacle avoidance, real-time mapping and navigation, and Rapid Environment Assessment (REA).

The FLS Series is available in two versions :

  • FSL 150, very compact packaging, for portable and lightweight integration, for patrol ships or USVs integration.

  • FLS 60, for large ships or submarines integration. The FLS Series is fully mission configurable.

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  • Real-time 3D detection and geo-referencing with an embedded IMU for optimized stabilization
  • 3D volume imaging and visualization into ECDIS environment
  • Easy integration with hull mounting capacity and wet mateable connection.


  • Bottom, water column and surface object detection
  • Forward Looking Bathymetry and backscattering of vessel for real time REA
  • Vertical and horizontal scanning Database & HTML communication protocol, allowing easy integration in third-party software.


Main performances


  FLS 150 FLS 60
Type MOAS for OPVS and unmanned systems MOAS for surface ship and submarines
Main detection performances    
Anchored mines (-15 DB) >330 m >650 m
Drifting mines (-15 DB) >330 m >350 m
Bottom mines (-15 DB) >300 m >350 m
Low TS mines (-25 DB) >250 m >520 m