Exail to equip Royal Netherlands and Belgian Navies’ Anti-Submarine Warfare Frigates

Exail has signed a contract with RH Marine NETHERLANDS B.V to provide advanced inertial navigation systems and data distribution units for the Royal Netherlands and Belgian Navies’ Anti-Submarine Warfare Frigates (ASWF).

RH Marine Financial Director Stefan Braat (left) and Exail Sales Director Jean-Marc Binois (right) sign the agreement.

“We extend our sincere appreciation to RH Marine NETHERLANDS B.V for placing their trust in Exail,” said Hans-Willem Deleeuw, Director of Exail B.V. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology that enhances maritime defense capabilities. Our advanced technology is designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern naval operations, offering the Dutch and Belgian Navies with a strategic edge in anti-submarine warfare.”

This partnership further reinforces Exail’s position as a trusted provider of navigation solutions for naval applications worldwide. Exail’s track record in naval navigation includes successful programs such as the Spanish Turia M34 minehunter and F110 multi-mission frigates, the US Coast Guard Keeper Class Buoy Tenders, the Norwegian and German Navies U212CD Submarines, as well as the latest French FDI and Spanish and Finland’s Squadron 2020 project featuring four multi-role corvettes.

Exail navigation solutions are intended to enhance the ASWF frigates’ navigational capabilities and overall mission effectiveness. (Courtesy of Dutch MoD)