Exail enhances offshore operations with Octans AHRS advanced technology

Exail, a global leader in surface navigation, has secured a contract with Bourbon, a leading French maritime services provider, to supply several units of Exail Octans Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) for integration into Bourbon Subsea Services subsidiary’s fleet. These units will be installed on multiple Bourbon Evolution 800 Series multi-purpose support vessels (MPSVs) dedicated to subsea operations at depths down to 3,000 meters.

Equipped with Exail Octans AHRS, Bourbon Evolution 800 Series MPSVs will enhance their ability to perform installation, maintenance, and repair tasks for the oil and gas, and offshore wind industries with improved precision, reliability, and efficiency.

IMO-HSC certified, the Octans AHRS will enhance Bourbon vessels’ efficiency in installation, maintenance, and repair tasks for the oil and gas, and offshore wind industries. Providing highly accurate measurements for roll, pitch, and heave, Octans will serve as a survey-grade surface gyrocompass and motion sensor, seamlessly integrated into the vessels’ Class 3 dynamic positioning (DP3) system. This integration will ensure precise positioning and stabilization over underwater structures, ensuring the safe deployment of cranes, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), and supporting efficient survey and saturation diving operations.

IMO-HSC certified, Octans is an all-in-one AHRS designed for diverse challenging applications. Octans raises the industry standard in measurement accuracy for roll, pitch, heave.

“With the deployment of ROVs and the execution of complex subsea operations, DP3-type dynamic positioning is essential on our vessels. Additionally, to support survey services such as positioning, inspection, and metrology, a high level of specification demands the best-in-class motion sensors for safe operations. That’s why we’ve selected Exail’s Octans, renowned for its globally recognized levels of performance, precision, and reliability.” said Stephan Midenet, CEO of Bourbon Subsea Services.

“We are thrilled to contribute to enhancing the efficiency and safety of Bourbon’s fleet operations and would like to thank them for their trust. We are confident that the Octans AHRS, built on Exail’s trusted Fiber-Optic Gyroscope (FOG) technology and already installed on thousands of surface platforms worldwide, will meet expectations and rise to the challenge of ambitious projects in the oil and gas and offshore wind industries” said Calixte Genin, Regional Sales Manager at Exail.