iXblue a trusted mechatronics partner

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Over the past 30 years, iXblue has developed an extensive know-how in the development of rotary systems, motion simulators as well as positioning systems. This unrivaled expertise in mechatronics and navigation technologies has enabled the company to design and manufacture innovative and high-performance stabilization and pointing platforms for the defense and security market. Thanks to its recognized expertise, iXblue technology has now been chosen to provide reliable stabilization, accurate pointing (both absolute and relative), as well as precise positioning and orientation to numerous military forces, police and security services worldwide.

iXblue mechatronic expertise has thus been chosen by major integrators and optronic companies for various applications including satellite communication, surveillance, target acquisition and tracking.

Thales Group

Recognized as a global leader on the mechatronic market, iXblue has been working in close partnership for over 13 years now, with Thales Communications and Security, on the development of special custom programs, for the co-design, the expertise or the subcontracting of the manufacturing of various stabilized solutions. Being able to work on very demanding projects with high-level of requirements while remaining reactive and bringing strong support to its customers, iXblue was thus chosen by Thales Communications and Security for the development of stabilization solutions for both land and air SATCOM on-the-move applications.

iXblue has also been working in close cooperation with another branch of the French Group, Thales Land and Air System to provide them with the Teos platform, for the reliable stabilization and accurate pointing of their Margot 3000 VM optronic surveillance system, for which iXblue has delivered over 200 platforms.


Margot 3000 VM is a successful mobile surveillance product for Thales. Several hundreds of systems have been delivered to our customers over the past five years,” explains Frédéric Le Gusquet, Product Development Manager at Thales Land & Air Systems. “We would like to thank iXblue for supplying the Teos stabilized platform, part of Margot 3000 VM, and for complying delivery schedule with a high-level of quality.


Thales is not the only group convinced by iXblue’s mechatronic expertise. Other major companies have indeed also decided to trust iXblue’s stabilization and pointing technology for their programs, including ArianeGroup subsidiary, CILAS, specialized in laser and optics technology, for its SLD 500 pre-shot sniper detectors.


Sight laser detection (SLD) is a proven technology now used on various battlefields states Patrick Patin, Program Manager at CILAS ArianeGroup. For one of our SLD500 we are using iXblue’s Neos. In order to properly localize the sniper threats it is indeed necessary to use a turret with a high-level of repeatability in position (azimuth or elevation). Neos perfectly matches this requirements.

Bertin Instruments

iXblue’s technology can also be found on Bertin Instruments’ Second Sight MS long range chemical and toxic gas clouds detector used by both military and civil security forces, as well as for other sensors the company develops for CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) applications.


Bertin has been developing new sensors solutions for observation and surveillance for many years. In order to keep DRI performance at the best level even while on the move in very harsh conditions, we have chosen iXblue new pan and tilt Leos,” explains Jean-Luc Ménager, Operations Manager at Bertin Instruments. “Thanks to the very high level of gyrostabilization of this turret (<20µrad), we get unrivaled performance to offer cutting edge optronic sight.

OIP Sensor Systems

Stefaan Verschraegen, Program Manager at OIP Sensor Systems, a major manufacturer of electro optical systems dedicated to the defense and space markets, that has chosen iXblue’s technology for its well-known EOPTRIS product range adds:


The Leos pan & tilt makes it possible for the EOPTRIS 360 to achieve a very precise pointing position and gyrostabilization while driving main battle tanks and armored fighting vehicles. Thanks to the highly accurate dual-axis gyrostabilization of the Leos Pan & Tilt, combined with OIP’s wide range of advanced sensors, we are able to provide a 24-hour observation and surveillance capability to suit different land – and naval applications. Due to the open, robust, very compact and state-of-the-art design of the EOPTRIS 360, it can easily be integrated onto multiple chassis and platforms.

Over the years, iXblue has thus become a trusted mechatronics partner for major integrators, optronicians, radar manufacturers as well as data link providers operating on the demanding defense market and who are in need of cost-efficient high-performance gyro-stabilized platforms for their payloads.