Enhancing combat divers’ intelligence and offensive missions

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Innovation has always been the driving force behind advancements in underwater technology. In 2017, Alseamar, a french underwater equipment manufacturer, embarked on a mission to provide combat divers with an innovative underwater scooter. Their goal was to create a new diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) that would offer unrivaled speed, agility, protection, ergonomics and navigation accuracy to the defense industry. This quest led them to form a formidable partnership with Exail, giving birth to the Murene DPV equipped with the cutting-edge Phins Compact C3 navigation system.

A key to the need for ultra-high precision

The Murene project was born out of a vision to offer combat divers an unparalleled underwater experience while providing military forces with a tactical edge in underwater missions. The Alseamar development team envisioned a device with a streamlined design and advanced functionalities providing divers with exceptional maneuverability and enabling them to cover larger areas while conserving energy during extended missions. The Murene was designed with swiftness and agility in mind, allowing it to approach maritime targets stealthily and with a compact size to fit into a torpedo launch tube. “Our ambition was to design a new thruster offering the best ergonomics, protection, and performance for two fully equipped combat divers. We wanted the Murene to be deployable from shore, from a semi-rigid inflatable boat, or from a submarine through a torpedo tube,” says Rémi Lecomte, Sales Manager Divers & Special Forces at Alseamar.

However, the true potential of Murene could only be unlocked with the integration of cutting-edge navigation systems, and that’s where Exail stepped in. “The Murene needed to be easy to handle, and we wanted its performance in terms of speed, endurance, and navigational precision to be far superior to what already existed in the industry,” adds Rémi Lecomte.

Equipped with the Exail Phins Compact C3, the Murene DPV offers combat divers one of the highest navigation performances available in the industry. Copyright: Greg Lecoeur, Aqualung, Alseamar.

Confirming Phins Compact C3’s superiority

In their pursuit of perfection, Alseamar undertook a rigorous testing phase, assessing various inertial units to identify the one that could deliver the precise navigation performance they envisioned. After conducting several months of testing, including 30 dives with the Murene under diverse conditions and configurations to optimize onboard sensors, one system clearly stood out – the Exail Phins Compact C3 navigation system. Demonstrating outstanding navigation performance, the Phins Compact C3 became the preferred choice for equipping their Murene. “The results of our tests were unequivocal: the Phins Compact C3 offered significantly better performance and navigation accuracy than the other competing systems,” emphasizes Rémi Lecomte.

Enhancing intelligence and offensive missions

Equipping Murene with the Exail Phins Compact C3 elevated the DPV’s navigation accuracy to a level that surpasses industry standards in the DPV market. To get even more precise and real-time data on Murene’s position, orientation, and velocity, the Phins Compact C3 works in tandem with a Doppler Velocity Log (DVL). This combination ensures that divers can accurately track their position, maintain course, and easily adapt to the ever-changing underwater currents. It offers Murene exceptional stability and unparalleled awareness of its location, enabling divers to concentrate on their mission’s objectives without worrying about getting lost or disoriented.

Moreover, the compactness of the Phins Compact C3 allows for easy and seamless integration into the Murene, while its ability to align in motion significantly enables rapid and flexible deployment. These features enhance the Murene operational flexibility and efficiency during critical underwater operations, making it a game-changer for intelligence and offensive missions. “The Phins Compact C3 in-motion alignment enables divers to align their devices while in transit, regardless of weather conditions. Therefore, alignment can be performed anywhere, whether on the deck of a boat or at sea, which enhances operational adaptability and helps overcome challenging sea conditions,” says Pierre-Louis Roudaut, Regional Sales Manager at Exail.

The combination of the Phins Compact C3 and a DVL allows the Murene’s divers to accurately track their position, maintain course, and easily adapt to the ever-changing underwater currents.

Game-changing collaboration in underwater navigation

The success of the collaboration between Alseamar and Exail demonstrates the power of teamwork and the importance of cutting-edge technology in the field of underwater navigation. By combining Alseamar’s expertise in underwater equipment with Exail’s world-class navigation solutions, the Murene DPV became a game-changer in the industry.

“We are glad that our Phins Compact C3 systems have helped Alseamar expand their Murene’s capabilities, providing combat divers with unprecedented navigation accuracy and efficiency in executing their missions,” states Pierre-Louis Roudaut. “But our collaboration didn’t stop there. We continue to join forces and exchange feedback continuously to improve our respective technologies, which will not only benefit the defense industry but also fields such as underwater exploration and research.”