Based on our unique approach to shipbuilding, iXblue shipyard offers a comprehensive range of pilot boats, workboats, daughter boats for wind farms, as well as survey and polyvalent vessels of various sizes.

To build our workboats to the highest standard, we utilize our leading expertise in vacuum infusion. Combined with a moulding process and the use of GRP, we build enduring and efficient vessels, when combined, gets the job done.



  • Corrosion free (low maintenance)
  • Lighter vessels requiring smaller engines for the same performance and lower fuel consumption
  • Innovative solutions for lifting equipment
  • Possibility to have an “all iXblue” ship (equipment) through one supplier
  • Architecture open to 3d party suppliers


  • Vacuum infusion
  • Moulding process (timely construction, perfected shaping process)
  • Choice of propulsion (azimuthal pods, traditional, waterjets, hybrid)




IXpilot 40

LOA 11.75m
Max Beam 3.70m
Max speed 30 knots
Draft 0.85m


Mission Taking your safety to your work area
Area of operation Harbor and harbor approches
Deck equipment Pilot ladder, bow and stern balcony, windlass




IXpilot 40 WF

LOA 11.95m
Max Beam 3.80m
Max speed 30 knots
Draft 0.81m
Mission Extending Wind Farm Vessel capabilities
Area of operation Wind farms
Deck equipment  



iXShip 50

LOA 14.50m
Max Beam 4.10m
Max speed 22 knots
Draft 1.00m
Mission Divers support, survey vessel, buoy layer
Area of operation Coastal
Deck equipment A-frame (1 ton), half A-Frame (750kg), Pipe Davit(250 kg), crane (1.5t/m)



IXcat 80

LOA 24.90m
Max Beam 8.00m
Max speed 13 knots
Draft 2.10m
Mission Survey, diving support, equipment layer
Area of operation Up to the high seas
Deck equipment A-frame (2.5tons), crane (7.4 t/m), Moonpool, winches, intervention tender



IXcraft 80

LOA 23.90m
Max Beam 7.80m
Max speed 11 knots
Draft 1.61m
Mission Diving support, Harbor and Coastal, Marine Work
Area of operation Harbor, coastal
Deck equipment Crane (1 ton at 7.6m), winch and a 65m2 working deck