SeapiX-FLS Series

Forward Looking Sonar


The SeapiX-FLS Series is the next generation mine and obstacle avoidance sonar. Derived from the sea proven technology of the 3D Multi-Beam Echo Sounder SeapiX, the SeapiX-FLS Series revolutionizes the market and increases performances.

The 3D Multi-Beam Echo Sounder has been developed upon request of the French Armament Secretary for multipurpose applications such as mine and obstacle avoidance, real-time mapping and navigation, and Rapid Environment Assessment (REA).

The SeapiX-FLS Series is available in two versions :

  • SeapiX-FLS 5 is a very compact Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) for portable and lightweight integration (patrol ships or USVs)
  • SeapiX-FLS 7 is a Forward Looking Sonar designed for mine and obstacle avoidance



  • Real-time 3D detection and geo-referencing with an embedded IMU for optimized stabilization
  • 3D volume imaging and visualization into ECDIS environment
  • Easy integration with hull mounting capacity and wet mateable connection.


  • Bottom, water column and surface object detection
  • Forward Looking Bathymetry and backscattering of vessel for real time REA
  • Vertical and horizontal scanning Database & HTML communication protocol, allowing easy integration in third-party software.




Main performance


  SeapiX-FLS 5 SeapiX-FLS 7
Type Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) for OPVs and unmanned systems  Forward Looking (FLS) Sonar designed for mine and obstacle avoidance
Main detection performances    
Anchored targets (-15 DB) >330 m >650 m
Drifting targets (-15 DB) >330 m >350 m
Bottom targets (-15 DB) >300 m >350 m
Low TS targets(-25 DB) >250 m >520 m