Netans Series

NETANS - data distribution and processing unit

Navigation data distribution and processing unit

Input/output rate: 0.5 Hz to 200 Hz

At the core of the navigation system, iXblue’s data distribution and processing unit acquires, controls and processes all navigation sensor data and distributes the consolidated navigation information to the external systems (CMS, IPMS, IBS, etc.).

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  • Tailored to the vessel's configuration

  • Enhances navigation system reliability

  • Straight forward system-to-system integration

  • Improves weapon system performance

  • Short mean time to repair and continuity of navigation data availability

  • Sea proven integration with all main weapons and surveillance systems on board


  • Scalable hardware architecture

  • Built-in redundancy management

  • Wide range of supported transport interfaces

  • Accurate time stamping and predictive latency

  • Hot swappable module

  • Synchro and resolver outputs

Netans Series Datasheet

Netans Series datasheet


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