Marins series

Marins Series

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Marins Series is a family of state-of-the-art naval inertial navigation systems, designed to meet the demands of the navy for the highest performance INS.

Marins Series enables stealth autonomous navigation for submarines, providing very accurate heading, roll, pitch, speed and position. These products also uniquely adresse the need for advanced naval surface vessels, operating under severe GNSS-denied environment.

Marins Series includes five performance grades and is based on iXblue FOG technology, proven for superior reliability and performance.

iXblue high-performance navigation systems are chosen by world leading navies.



  • Unrivaled performance (autonomous navigation without GNSS)
  • Stealth: genuine strapdown solid-state silent system (no radiated noise during operation)
  • Lowest cost of ownership and highest availability
  • Flexible and evolutive interface


  • Easy-to-use and friendly interface
  • Superior missile alignment and easy interface with any CMS
  • Full system IMO/IMO HSC certified
  • MIL STD qualified: 810/461

Main performances

  Marins M3 Marins M5 Marins M7 Marins M8 Marins M9 Marins M11
Position accuracy (pure inertial, no aiding sensor) (nm/h) 1 / 12 1 / 24 1  / 72 1  /96 1  /120 1 /360
Velocity (RMS) no aiding (knots) 0.6 0.6 0.4 0.4 0.4 0.4
Heading accuracy (RMS) Log aided (Deg Seclat) 0.01
Roll and pitch accuracy (RMS) no aiding (Deg) 0.01
Qualification IMO - IMO HSC MIL STD 810E / 461D / 167 / 901E
IMU's Mean time between failures (MTBF - hours) 150,000



In 2016, iXblue won a contract to provide INS for most of the Royal Fleet vessels. Robert Kramers explains why:

“We conducted a detailed assessment of all available possible partners along with their proposed technologies. By precisely understanding the Royal Navy expectations and assessing their views on the industry leading suppliers, it clearly appeared that iXblue’s solutions best fitted the needs in terms of performance, capability and cost.”

Robert Kramer, Vice-President of Lockheed Martin UK