iXal Series

iXal Series

Quartz Vibrating Beam Accelerometer


iXal Series are accelerometers based on the Vibrating Beam Accelerometer (VBA) technology. The measurement uses the change in the resonance frequency of a vibrating beam under the inertial loading of a proof mass when subjected to acceleration.

The iXal Series accelerometers include 2 identical VIA* transducers in a push-pull configuration in order to reduce all common parasitic sensitivities e.g. temperature, pressure, aging. Two oscillator circuits continually maintain the 2 beams at their resonance frequencies and the opposite variations of the two frequencies directly provide the applied acceleration.

iXblue is able to supply on request the thermal model coefficients and the electronic board including the signal processing for three sensors.

* VIA = Vibrating Inertial Accelerometer based on French patent of ONERA



  • High input range
  • Navigation grade
  • High accuracy
  • Crystal quartz resonating stability
  • No magnetic emission or sensitivity


  • MIL STD qualified : 810G, 514 and 516
  • Frequency output (allow custom interface for digitalization)
  • Temperature sensor output for thermal compensation
  • Rugged design
  • ITAR free

Main performances


iXal A5

iXal A7
Dynamic range +/-80g +/-80g
Resolution < 5 µg < 2 µg
Bias residual modeling <  300 µg < 50 µg
Scale factor residual modeling < 100 ppm < 50 ppm
Bandwih DC - 1000Hz DC - 1000Hz


Based on VBA technology



Accelerometer based on VBA technology for:

  • Sea, Land, Air, Underwater navigation
    • Inertial Measurement Unit (IMUs)
    • Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)
  • Guidance
  • Bridge monitoring and stability
  • Offshore drilling plateforme monitoring
  • Launcher