INS for launcher

Inertial Navigation System (INS) withstanding harsh environment


KASSAV 1 (Kit Autonome de Sécurité pour la SAuvergarde en Vol) is an inertial navigation system (INS) dedicated to launchers and used in Ariane 5 since 2020. It has been developed by iXblue in partnership with Safran Data Systems based on iXblue Fiber-Optic Gyroscope (FOG) technology.

One of the key element of this INS is its ability to resist vibrations and shock while maintaining performance during take-off and jettisoning . In addition, it withstands vacuum and important temperature variations. KASSAV 1 project demonstrates how robust the FOG technology is


Main features

  • 3 accelerometers, 3 fiber optic gyroscopes, 1 GNSS receiver
  • Dedicated algorithm to hybridize all the sensors and to offer reliable and precise position during take-off
  • Full performances under vibrations (27grms random and 20g sin), shocks, in vacuum and at very high speeds (up to 10 000 m/s)
  • Already in use in Ariane 5

Main performance

FOG ARW 0.03 °/√h
FOG bias stability at 12 months @ 3s 0.1°/h
FOG scale factor at 12 months @ 3s 300 ppm
Accelerometer bias at 12 months 0.001 g peak
Accelerometer scale factor at 12 months 300 ppm peak
Accelerometer range ± 50g
GNSS Galileo. GPS. Glonass. BeiDou…
Position precision (for all environments and speeds) below 20 m
Alignement duration static below 30 minutes
Bandwidth up to 100 Hz
Temperature (full performances) '0°C to 50°C
Vibration (full performances) 22g sin and 27 g rms random
Shock (full performances) Up to  5 000 g up to 25 kHz
Vacuum (full performances) withstands space vacuum
Mass 3.85 kg
Volume HLW = 157 mm x 334 mm x 184 mm
Power bus 20 V to 34 V

RS 232 and RS422

Power  18 W