Delph sonar

Delph Sonar

Complete and highly productive geophysical software designed to easily and accurately perform SSS and SAS surveys.
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Delph Sonar is a complete acquisition, processing and interpretation software package designed to easily perform accurate and productive side-scan sonar (SSS) and synthetic apperture sonar (SAS) surveys. Providing an optimal QC at any stage and relying on Delph powerful workflow and ease-of-use, SSS and SAS mapping has never been so fast.


Delph Sonar acquisition interfaces with most analog and digital SSS and SAS. With a dedicated interface for each, it provides a unified data logger to record raw data in industry standard XTF format.


Delph Sonar interpretation is a dedicated tool for processing, analyzing and mapping any SSS and SAS data. Highly productive, it embeds high-level processing and benefits from Delph batch processing and mosaicking capabilities. The 2D profile view and 3D geographic visualization provide global QC and fast integration with other data types.


Features for SSS

  • Opened to most digital side-scan sonars
  • Driver-based interfacing
  • Single and dual frequency support
  • Easy interfacing to navigation data
  • Quality control indicators
  • Raw data logging to XTF format

Features for SAS

  • Accurate absolute positioning in real-time
  • Full resolution INS-based navigation and motion
  • Real-Time USBL data fusion (optional)
  • Micro-navigation computation
  • Native production of industry standard XTF records and
    geoTIFF mosaics


  • Coastal management
  • Pipeline inspection
  • Hydrographic survey
  • Geophysical exploration
  • Geotechnical investigation
  • Coastal engineering
  • Habitat Mapping
Delph Sonar interpretation

Interpretation for SSS


  • Opened to industry standard XTF formats
  • Global profile display with zoom and pan


  • Complete and fast data processing
  • T.V.G. gain calibration on sonar data
  • Fine bottom tracking tools
  • Batch data processing


  • Complete data interpretation tools
  • Target picking on the profile or a mosaic
  • Advanced contact management and classification
  • Batch interpretation reporting


  • 2D/3D coverage map
  • 3D synchronized cursor link
  • Batch sonar mosaicking to geo TIFF
  • Sonar mosaic comparison tools
  • Surpervised sonar mosaic classification
  • 2D/3D manual annotations and contouring
  • Geo-referenced sonar targets
  • Contact map generation
  • Bathymetry modeling from XYZ data
  • Navigation and background layers
Delph SAS interpretation

Interpretation for SAS


  • Robust SAS processing against sonar motion
  • Natural 100% across and along-track coverage at any speed
  • Co-registered Gap-Filler, sub-bottom profiler and bathymetry
    data (optional)
  • SAS multi-channel beam-forming
  • Spatial multi-ping integration
  • SAS reprocessing capability in DELPH Sonar Interpretation
  • User-choice of « quality » (classification) and « resolution »
    (detection) processing at any resolution.
  • Optimized multi-core parallel processing


  • Native production of standard XTF records and geoTIFF
  • Delph Sonar target analysis and databasing tools
  • Manual and automated seabed classification
  • Batch data processing
  • Seamless integration with conventional survey data
  • Multi-sensor data integration