Cetos e-positioning

Multi-sensor resilient positioning
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 Cetos e-positioning add-on brings more robust positioning to naval platforms by making the most of all navigation sensors available (radar, lidar, bathymetric maps…).
By correlating complementary navigation information, the e-positioning add-on is able to reduce the navigational pool of error and provides resilient and accurate positioning to the platform in all environments, including GNNS-denied ones. This add-on brings safer navigation to naval operations.


Resilient positioning in all conditions :

  • Robust positioning even in GNSS denied or spoofed environments
  • Enhanced INS performance using multiple sensors information
  • Estimated position from all sensors displayed into iXblue WECDIS

Intuitive representation of the environment :

  • Augmented reality representation of key navigation information
  • Advanced detection of surrounding vessel through artificial intelligence
  • WECDIS system pairing for user objects display in 3D scene