Taking subsea positioning to the next generation


The Canopus transponder is the latest addition to the iXblue underwater positioning systems. Used as a reference seabed transponder or installed on tracked vehicles, it will contribute to the best underwater positioning solution in terms of accuracy, functionalities and ease of use. Using its expertise and accumulated experience in signal processing and data fusion techniques, iXblue developed a powerful and evolutive electronic platform, able to provide distance telemetry, underwater communication, sensors measurements and data logging. Canopus is a compact instrument featuring extreme lowpower consumption, unique acoustic characteristics, and the usual iXblue touch in terms of simplicity of use, common look and feel user interface, and open architecture.




• Low power consumption

• Listening life > 2 years

• Operation life >1,000,000 pings at maximum sound level

• A few hundredth unique wideband address codes

• Medium frequency band and omnidirectional transducer head


• Modes of operation

• Long BaseLine positioning

• ASBL Sparse Array positioning

• Acoustic Data telemetry and Modem

• Embedded user interface (MMI) through

  WiFi wireless communication link

• Depth rating: 4,000 m (6,000 m in option)

• Compatibility

• Gaps and Posidonia (USBL)

• Ramses (LBL and ASBL)

• iXblue INS

• Third-party acoustic system

• Standard environment sensors including: pressure, temperature, inclinometer






Accuracy < 1 cm
Operating frequency MF band (20~32 kHz)
Transmit source level from 181 dB re. 1µPa @ 1m to 196 dB re. 1µPa @ 1m, user programmable
Transducer beam pattern omnidirectional
Received sensitivity  85 dB re. 1µPa
Signal modulation MFSK / MPSK. Compatible with other iXblue products
Data telemetry 500 bps
Compatibility Gaps, Ramses, iXblue INS and third-party acoustic system





• Marine construction

• Long term subsea observatory

• Renewable Energy

• Dynamic Positioning

• Subsea mining