Atlans A7

Inertial Navigation Systems for georeferencing applications


Atlans A7 is high performance all-in-one position & orientation systems for both land and air applications. It benefits from smart coupling techniques between iXblue INS based on FOG (Fiber-Optic Gyroscope) and a GNSS receiver.

Atlans A7 is robust and cost-effective north-finding inertial navigation solution that will offer highly accurate positioning in all conditions, including within GNSS-denied environments such as urban canyons, mountainous or forest areas.

Quick and simple to install on all platforms, Atlans A7 offers efficient “set-and-forget” operations for a wide range of land & air applications including asset inventory, pavement condition survey, railway survey, vehicle automation, HD mapping, automotive testing, ground truth, airborne surveys (planes, helicopters), as well as precision pointing.


A simplified installation

  • Single GNSS antenna setup
  • Predefined vehicle modes: air, land ,rail
  • Intuitive MMI and free software tool for fast data checking
  • OEM versions available to meet specific applications


  • Highly accurate positioning in difficult GNSS environments
  • Accurate heading for long-distance straight lines
  • Cost-effective (no preventive maintenance)
  a a
  Atlans A7 Atlans A7
Environment Land Air
Dimensions (mm) 160x160x113 160x160x113
Weight (kg) 2.9 2.9
Heading with GNSS SBAS (deg) 0.03 0.03
Heading with GNSS RTK (deg) 0.015 0.015
Heading with GNSS PPK* (deg) 0.012 0.012
Position drift RTK (1min) 0.4 1.1
Position drift PPK* (1min) 0.08 0.15

1 Post-processed by Apps (iXblue software)

Advanced Post Processing Software for iXblue navigation solutions

Apps is a post-processing and batch productivity tool for all the iXblue INS products dedicated to airborne, land and hydrography applications (compatible with both the former and new generation). Powerful data management, visualization and advanced processing functions make this tool essential for quick and precise trajectory computation. Apps benefits from smart coupling technique between iXblue inertial algorithm and the GNSS postprocessing engine.





  • Asset inventory
  • Pavement condition survey
  • Vehicle automation
  • HD mapping
  • Automotive testing
  • Ground-truth


  •  Wide area survey (plane, helicopter)
  •  Precision pointing