3D sonar mapping and navigation software

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World first 3D sonar for fishery industry, based on a dual multibeam array. SeapiX map the whole “subsea habitat”. Thanks to its dynamic steerable swaths providing unparalleled coverage and accuracy on both fish and seabed analysis, SeapiX see all and finally makes it possible to balance productivity and selectivity. 3D sonar technology revolutionizes the fishing industry the next 10 years!


Technology Fully digitally steerable dual emission-receptions antenna (Mills cross configuration)
Maximum range 450 m
Aperture 120 deg
Beam-width 1,6 deg x 1,6 deg
Resolution 7,5 cm
Control and management iXBlue SeaXpert navigation software


Features and benefits

  • Safe navigation and fishing operations
  • Strategy assistance for smarter decisions
  • Find and track fish capability
  • Evaluate fish and shoals, bathymetry and hardness
  • Improved selectivity and profitability