DELPH seabed mapping software

DELPH seabed mapping software continues to forge ahead in the world of geophysical processing software.

DELPH seabed mapping software continues to forge ahead in the world of geophysical processing software.


Octans Nano, an AHRS quickly adopted by the main ROV manufacturers and operators

Open up the offshore history books and in 1998 iXblue delivered the first Octans. Planting the innovative technology flag in the market, Octans was immediately able to provide its users with never before seen performance.

Echoes product line: technological advances offering new levels of data quality in Sub-bottom Profiling

iXBlue counts more than 30 years of experience in the field of underwater acoustics. Based on this expertise, iXblue has built a robust and diverse range of sub bottom profilers with frequencies ranging from 200 Hz to 15 kHz. This is the ECHOES product line.

Gaps on board castoro sei

Gaps onboard Castoro Sei

Commercial fishing vessels have to balance operational efficiency, resource management and regulatory compliance. The profitability of fishing operations depends to a large extent on the operator’s ability to manage the production chain and distribution process. Rising operating costs and tightening regulatory constraints require operators to optimize day-to-day margins by enhancing catch methods and versatility.


iXblue's fish mapping and analysis solution uniquely addresses the above needs using innovative technology and field expertise.

Products and solutions


Navies operating surface ships, manned submarines and unmanned underwater vehicles, look to iXblue for their navigation, positionning and platform stabilization systems.
Critical requirements in naval operations call for very high-performance systems that can operate in hostile environments.

iXblue Photonics inaugurates new site in Besançon

iXblue Photonics Besancon - former Photlines technologyTo always get the most out of light and stay ahead of the competition by proposing high-performance, innovative and reliable photonic solutions, iXblue has equipped its photonic business with a brand new 25,000 sq. ft.