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    Transitioning to remote hydrography: challenges and opportunities

    Hydrography as we know it is brutally changing. The current pandemic made it very difficult to simply put to sea Research Vessels, the blue economy is booming, as is the need to keep surveyors out of harm’s way and grant easier and less expensive access to data and assets to most. In this webinar, we’ll look at how remote hydrography and the use of autonomous platforms such as DriX Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV) respond to these new challenges. Using our achievements and developments as a case study, we will show the audience how the industry can conduct that shift towards remotely controlled operations and how it is bringing a greener, safer and more efficient way of conducting hydrographic surveys.

    Speaker: David Vincentelli – Head of iXblue Sea Operations Guillaume Eudeline – DriX Expert
    Length: 20min + Q&A session
  • iXlive

    How FLS solutions can ensure safe navigation to manned and unmanned vessels


    Navigation comes with its fair share of danger. Whether it is due to obstacles or mines, the need for a reliable, long-range detection system is still very much real. Adaptable on both manned and unmanned surface vessels, as well as submarines, iXblue’s new FLS technology range answer this need in an innovative and efficient manner. Discover how this new generation of sonars can drastically improve safety for both the crew and the platform.

    Speaker: Julien Guichard – Program Manager
    Length: 20min + Q&A session
  • iXlive

    How Seapix 3D multibeam sonar supports selective tuna catching decision?


    When approaching a tuna schoal, whether it is a "free" shoal or an aggregated bank under FAD, the tuna vessel bases its catch decision on several complex criteria such as concentration, quantity, homogeneity, depth and dynamics of the bank, in order to reduce its by-catches and target the species in accordance with the regulations.

    SeapiX multibeam 3D sonar provides the skipper with an innovative and precise answer during this crucial phase of analysis before releasing and purse seining, leading to significant time and efficiency gains by avoiding unnecessary seine hauls through the application of a true catch selectivity strategy..

    Speaker: Christophe Corbieres – Business Development Manager
    Length: 40 min + Q&A Session
  • iXlive

    Using unmanned systems for stand-off MCM: How to avoid obstacles


    Relying on unmanned technologies to assess underwater threats, Navies have to make sure their autonomous system have optimum navigation capabilities in order to avoid obstacles and operate safely. Discover how ECA Group’s drones-based system UMIS chosen by Belgian and the Royal Netherlands Navies, and that integrates the latest iXblue avoidance sonars, can support you in conducting safe missions at sea.

    Speaker: Marc Pinto, Scientific Advisor at ECA Group and Julien Guichard, Sonar Programs Manager at iXblue
    Length: 10 min + Q&A session
  • iXlive

    Enhancing resilient positioning and navigation awareness


    To enhance navigation awareness and crews short-time decision-making, iXblue has developed an advanced e-navigation solution relying on artificial intelligence. Through sensors redundancy and the augmented reality display of all key navigation information (routes, shallow waters, buoys, AIS…), Cetos Suite allows ensures a resilient and safe navigation. Join one of our two sessions to learn how our Cetos Suite will provide resilient positioning and enhance your situation awareness

    Speaker: Josselin Manceau, Cetos Suite expert and exceptional participation of the CEPN (French Expertise Center for Naval Programs)
  • iXlive

    Ensuring undisrupted navigation within GNSS-denied environments

    From the manufacturing of advanced sensors and navigation data distribution and computation systems, to navigation software, iXblue covers the full value chain of navigation. By detecting GNSS spoofing and/or jamming, as well as identifying and counteracting potential cybersecurity threats, iXblue products and solutions provide resilient navigation information in all conditions. Join one of our two sessions to learn more about how our naval solution will ensure an undisrupted navigation.

    Speaker: Benoit Kerouanton, Head of the Navigation Division
  • Webinar delph

    Boosting geophysical survey efficiency with Delph Geo software series

    Delph Geo is a modular software solution for geophysical data acquisition, processing and interpretation. Operating with side-scan sonars, seismic systems, sub-bottom profilers and magnetometers, Delph Geo software is a major leap forward in providing geologists, geophysicists and hydrographers with a highly optimized workflow. It offers greater flexibility, a major boost in productivity, and top-level multi-sensor data integration, quality control - QC - and interpretation capabilities, all in a smart and intuitive software environment. Interfacing with most industry leading sensors and data formats and tailored for the most challenging survey needs, Delph Geo results from the key user input and the strong experience of iXblue Sonar Systems Division engineers.

    Speaker: Philippe Alain – Delph Geo Expert
    Length: Length : 25 min + Q&A session
  • Seapix

    SeapiX-F: how to balance efficiency and by-catch rules with advanced fishery acoustics

    SeapiX-F is the first compact civilian system comprising a dual Steerable Mills Cross multi-beam sonar transducer. Its transducer generates several simultaneous multibeam transmissions and acoustic processes to yield quantitatively and qualitatively impressive measurements of the marine environment. SeapiX-F revolutionizes fishing techniques by providing optimally calibrated information and unparalleled surveillance of a designated underwater spatial volume. It answers some of the toughest demands placed on skippers, offering total visibility over the underwater environment so that informed, strategic fishing decisions can be made in real time thanks to realistic quantitative and qualitative  distribution of biomass.

    Speaker: Christophe Corbières, Fishery acoustics expert
    Length: 15 minutes + Q&A session
  • iXlive

    Echoes Series: how to optimize sub-bottom profiling data?

    Benefitting from 30 years of field proven technology and expertise in designing transducers, the Echoes Series provides high-resolution sub-bottom profiling solutions for sediment structure characterization. Through extensive practice and cumulative return on experience in close collaboration with the French Navy and international Oceanographic Institutes, the Echoes Series ensures the best signal quality for the first 200 meters of sediment. Whether pole or hull-mounted on small crafts and oceanic research vessels, or integrated on autonomous vehicles (AUVs & USVs), this versatile technology is suited to a wide range of applications including marine & lacustrine geosciences, archaeology & geo-archaeology, as well as offshore energy operations.

    Speaker: Guillaume Jouve, Sonar Expert
    Length: 15 minutes + Q&A session
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