iXblue’s innovative solution for uninterrupted navigation in amphibious operations

February 21st, 2017

iXblue’s innovative, end-to-end solution for uninterrupted, reliable navigation capability will keep your amphibious operations on track.


Whatever the theatre, whatever the conditions, any amphibious operation has to contend with the threat of jamming of GNSS* signals.


iXblue proposes an innovative solution, which has moved navigation in amphibious warfare to a whole new level. In concrete terms, iXblue enables surface vessels to transmit critical data for INS alignment and repositioning to tactical vehicles instantaneously as they leave the landing craft before or after beaching. At the same time, amphibious assault vehicles (AAV’s) launched off the coast from the landing zone can now surface navigate from offshore to inshore with iXblue Advans Series INS systems, before automatically switching to a land navigation mode once they reach the shoreline and begin to progress inland.


As a global leader in military-grade navigation solutions, iXblue can deliver all the components needed to guarantee end-to-end navigation capability for any amphibious operation. Its Marins Series Inertial Navigation Systems, combined with GECDIS-W navigation software, provide vessels with precise and robust navigation even in GNSS-denied environments. iXblue’s naval solutions are serving today in more than thirty-five navies around the world. iXblue also offer a complete range of land navigation systems based on our Advans Series, which uses the same iXblue ber optic gyroscope technology and is in service with several land armies through major integrators.


Whatever the theatre, whatever the conditions, iXblue’s comprehensive new amphibious offer combines all of this critical know-how to deliver seamlessly uninterrupted navigation infor- mation, without GNSS, from the open sea right through to the combat zone.


*GNSS = Global Satellite Navigation System (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS...)