WECDIS solution designed for navies and coastguards
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Gecdis-W is a Warship Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), which is fully compliant with the latest IEC-IMO and IHO standards and regulations.It is the most intuitive interface available on the market.

Thanks to a 100% proprietary chart engine, Gecdis-W provides key benefits to military sailors:

  • A highly configurable man-machine interface where most frequently used functions can be reached in one click

  • Smooth data management to import and export data, according to regulations, and a rich database containing

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Navigational functions

  • Route management and navigation planning
  • Anti-grounding
  • Data recording and replay mode
  • Alert management
  • Search & rescue
  • 3D representation

Military features

  • Surface situation: integration of AIS and optronic solutions
  • Bathymetry integration
  • Weapon system integration
  • Integration of military grade surface and air surveillance radar
  • Data fusion and analysis


Screen kilo

Screen kilo

The screen kilo functionality aims at having safe naval fleet navigation: allowing to visualize the areas of navigation for each ship in the fleet with respect to reference ship.

Gun sector

Gun sector

This functionnality aims to visualise the weapon coverage areas. It provides optimized navigation with respect to the weapon categories onboard.


Submarine Moving Haven

The MHN module aims at avoiding collisions with submarines. This feature specifies dynamic or static 3D risk areas.