HD 100 Lift

Heavy Duty Acoustic Releases

The perfect tool for offshore operations
Heavy duty

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Heavy Duty acoustic releases allow heavy loads handling without hardwire connection, hydraulic hose or ROV. Easy to operate and robust, they are the perfect tool for offshore construction operations.

Leveraging 40 years of experience and with over 15,000 units delivered, iXblue’s acoustic releases have proven their reliability by meeting the most demanding needs of scientific campaigns and offshore works.

Strength, accuracy, long-battery life (up to 10 years) and permanent concern for quality make iXblue's  Heavy Duty acoustic releases a state-of-the-art product range designed for payloads from 15 to 300 tons.

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Main performances

  HD15 Cable Lay HD15 HD 55 Pull&Lift HD 100 HD 200 Pull&Lift HD 300 Pull&Lift
Material Stainless Steel Steel Frame Steel Frame Steel Frame Steel Frame Steel Frame
Weight Air/Water (in Kg) 60/50 95/72 300/270 330/270 1,140/ 1,815/
Size (L*W*H) in mm 960*386*221 1,143*210*148 1,497*330*250 1,590*380*420 2,320*580*510 2,600*470*670
Load characteristics (SW/RL) in tons 15/10 15/15 55/40 100/50 200/50 300/50
Back-up ROV mechanism No No Yes Yes Yes Yes



  • Proven reliability
  • No need for heavy workclass ROVs, divers or local subsea support
  • Submersible from 0 to 6,000 m


  • Several models from SWL 15 to 300 tons
  • Rugged construction
  • Robust coding principle
  • Simple to operate
  • Safety pin
  • ROV backup mechanism
  • Individual approval by certification body prior delivery


Offshore operations

  • Spool pieces installation
  • Template installation
  • Heavy load handling
  • Cable/pipe laying