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Gecdis-C is an Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), which is fully compliant with the latest IEC-IMO and IHO standards and regulations.

Gecdis-C benefits from iXblue’s nearly 30 years’ experience in designing and maintaining electronic navigation systems. The group has been delivering electronic chart systems since the early 90s and ECDIS-type approved systems since 2000. 

iXblue is proud to present a track record of more than 6 000 navigation systems, covering a broad range of vessel types: passenger ships (ferries, cruising vessels), tankers, cargo ships and workboats. 

Thanks to its modular architecture, Gecdis is both scalable and configurable and can be adapted to a large range of navigation requirements. 

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  • Combination of 2D and 3D views enhance the perception of the environment
  • Sensors integration (supporting information display from a broad range of sensors)
  • Additional information layers can be easily installed (weather forecast, meteorological, radar overlay, etc.)


  • Display of electronic charts
  • Navigation planning
  • Data recording and replay
  • Alarms definition
  • Multi-sensor data fusion


Danger detection

Route monitoring functionalities

Gecdis-C is able to propose context management: an environment of data windows and automatically adjustable tools depending on the particular navigation

Danger dectection

Intrusion detection functionality

In term of current day risk management (piracy, theft, etc.), cumpulsory functions of Gecdis-C include the ability to define zones and also to set off alarms when a boat goes in or out a zone.