Delph Subsea Positioning

Integrated software suite for subsea positioning during the life of field

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Delph Subsea Positioning is an intuitive and dynamic software used for the preparation, the operation and the post-processing of iXblue subsea positioning products. Integrating the full range of iXblue subsea systems, Delph Subsea Positioning (DSP) simplifies the planning, simulation, operation and post-processing of subsea positioning tasks. Comprising four core modules, DSP is an easy-to-use yet powerful package enabling even the most complex subsea operations.

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LBL Array Planning module

  • Import and process Sound Velocity profile
  • Import DTM
  • Integrate CAD drawings
  • Drag and drop transponders
  • Dynamically calculate visibility map based on topography and ray bending
  • Display acoustic line-of-sight between transponders


Navigation Simulation module

  • Full simulation of INS/DVL performance
  • LBL / Sparse LBL simulation
  • Sensor configuration (INS, DVL, USBL, LBL, GNSS…), lever arms, misalignments, & error models
  • Environmental configuration (sound velocity, current etc.) 
  • Define trajectory in vehicle or geographic reference frame
  • Simulate trajectory and generate corresponding synthetic sensor data
  • Results evaluation in Delph INS



Operations module

  • Manage projects
  • Configure attached equipment
  • Data logging
  • Monitor equipment & operations
  • User configurable alarms
  • Manage transponder Box-in
  • Mutual array calibration
  • Generate reports
  • Configurable data displays
  • Data export
  • Third-party interfacing


Post-processing (Delph INS)

​​​​​​QA/QC Delph INS

  • Generate QA/QC reports
  • Offline INS/DVL calibration
  • Data visualization & inspection via 1D Graph or 2D map
  • Customizable map projections
  • Enhanced algorithm processing
  • Advanced data import & export capabilities
  • Real-time data processing with no plug to the INS
  • Edit/modify data, add/remove aiding sensors
  • Powerful export tools


iXlive webinar on Delph Subsea Positioning