Subsea Positioning and Communication

Subsea Inertial Navigation

Subsea Inertial Navigation

Based on the Fiber-Optic Gyroscope technology mastered by iXblue over 30 years, the company offers a complete range of high-grade, Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS) and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS).

Octans Nano OEM

Octans Nano

Rovins Nano

Octans Subsea


Phins Subsea

Phins Compact Series

Post-processing software

Gaps Series - USBL System ROV - AUV Positioning

USBL Positioning and Communication

iXblue delivers a complete USBL offer with an extensive track record of successful operations from very shallow waters (15 m) to greater depths (10,000 m). Easy to integrate, these products are suited for a wide range of applications.

Gaps Series (MF)

Posidonia (LF)


LBL Positioning and Communication

Highly precise, standard and reliable Long Baseline (LBL) and Sparse Long Baseline systems offer a truly independent positioning solution to aid and QC inertial navigation or monitoring the seabed for geoscience projects.



LF Transponders

MF Transponders

LBL Array Planning

Software Solutions

Delph Subsea Positioning is an intuitive and dynamic software used for the preparation, the operation and the post-processing of iXblue subsea positioning products.


Delph Subsea Positioning

Vessels and drones



Based on its unique approach to shipbuilding, iXblue shipyard offers a comprehensive range of vessels including pilot boats, workboats, daughter crafts for wind farms, as well as survey and multi-purpose vessels of various sizes.



Unmanned Surface Vehicle

To meet the growth of the Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) sector, iXblue launched a multi-purpose autonomous surface platform which goal is to provide a cost-efficient and flexible solution for customers by expanding their working domains.





Heavy Duty Acoustic Releases

iXblue's Heavy Duty Acoustic Releases allow heavy load handling without hardwire connection, hydraulic hose or ROV.

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Services provided

Sea Services

iXblue's survey teams undertake accurate surveys and monitoring of the whole marine eco-system for Government agencies, oil & gas and telecommunications companies, port and harbour authorities, renewable energy companies and defence organisations around the world.

Environmental Surveys

Geophysical Surveys

Meteocean Monitoring

Sea Trials & Consultancy

Seabed Coring & Sampling

Surface & Subsea Positioning

Underwater Inspections

UXO Surveys

Crew and skills

Crew and skills

iXblue's teams are composed of experienced personnel able to address various requirements anywhere around the globe. Three teams of 32 highly qualified scientists, engineers and sailors roam the oceans in service of our valued customers. These teams are located in France, Scotland and Australia.







Living in a knowledge-based society companies could not operate without the knowledge of its people. iXblue training department based in Aberdeen and mobile around the globe is ready to provide its valued customers with a complete range of courses on iXblue's products and systems.

Inertial products workshops

Subsea Inertial Systems

Acoustic Positioning Systems

Post-Processing Software

DriX in operation


iXblue's equipment includes state-of-the-art oceanographic and seabed sampling systems, sonars, surface and subsea positioning systems and vessels. In addition, iXblue's experts will make their absolute best to find and integrate the equipment best suited to the customers needs.

Subsea Imagery

Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)

Acoustic Positioning

Monitoring Buoys

Vessels and drones


iXblue's fleet is fitted for sea-trials, bodywater monitoring, environmental studies, hydrographic, coastal and geophysic surveys. 5 vessels are currently in operation. All these vessels are designed and manufactured in iXblue's shipyard in La Ciotat, France.

GGIX: 15 m catamaran

iXL: 15 m pilot boat

iXS: Zodiac & work barge

DriX: Unmanned surface vehicle

FeliX: 24,9 m catamaran