Subsea Positioning and Communication

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Navigation and positioning information is a significant reference to the performance of the increasingly sophisticated sensors. Efficient, accurate and reliable navigation and positioning, in all environmental and operational conditions, is a key requirement for modern operations.

Protracted MTBF and service life, scalability and flexibility, interchangeability and life-cycle cost reductions through commonalities, low maintenance and obsolescence management are prevailing criteria applicable for satisfying customer’s life of field operations.

Product range

Subsea Inertial Nav

Subsea Inertial Navigation

Based on Fiber-Optical Gyroscope technology mastered by iXblue over 30 years, iXblue offers a complete range of high-grade, attitude and heading reference systems (AHRS) and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS).

Octans Nano OEM

Octans Nano

Rovins Nano

Octans Subsea


Phins Subsea

Phins Compact Series

Post-processing software

Gaps USBL System

USBL Positioning and Communication

iXblue delivers a complete USBL offer with an extensive track record of successful use from very shallow water (15 m) to greater depths (10,000 m). These products are easy to integrate and are suited for various applications.

Gaps Series (MF)

Posidonia (LF)

LBL Positioning

LBL Positioning and Communication

Highly precise, standard and reliable Long Baseline (LBL) and Sparse Long Baseline systems offer a truly independent positioning solution to aid and QC inertial navigation or seabed monitoring solution.



Oceano LF Transponders

Oceano MF Transponders

LBL Array Planning

Software Solutions

Delph Subsea Positioning is an intuitive and dynamic software used for the preparation, the operation and the post-processing of iXblue subsea positioning products.

Delph Subsea Positioning


Unmanned Surface Vehicle

As the Unmanned Surface Vehicles sector is growing rapidly, iXblue launched a new multi-purpose autonomous surface craft. The goal is to provide a cost-efficient solution for our customers by expanding the working domains.



Sea Operations

With a team of experienced surveyors including sailors, oceanographers, hydrographers and divers, we are able to assist at every stage of your project. In addition, our team is equipped for various applications.