Euronaval 2020
19-25 October 2020

Faced with the new health regulations, EURONAVAL is re-orienting its 2020 edition to a completely digital format.

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iXblue is a world leader that specializes in the design and manufacturing of advanced marine and autonomy technologies. The group in-house expertise includes innovative systems and solutions devoted to inertial navigation, subsea positioning, underwater imaging, as well as shipbuilding and unmanned surface vessels.

Recognized throughout the world for its pioneering work on Fiber-Optic Gyroscopes (FOG) that have revolutionized navigation over the past 30 years, the advanced technologies mastered by iXblue have enabled the company to develop state-of-the-art navigation sensors that include :

Covering the full value chain of navigation, iXblue provides cyber-secured, highy accurate and resilient navigation and environment awareness to over 40 navies worldwide.


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Ensuring undisrupted navigation within GNSS-denied environments

From the manufacturing of advanced sensors and navigation data distribution and computation systems, to navigation software, iXblue covers the full value chain of navigation. By detecting GNSS spoofing and/or jamming, as well as identifying and counteracting potential cybersecurity threats, iXblue products and solutions provide resilient navigation information in all conditions. Join one of our two sessions to learn more about how our naval solution will ensure an undisrupted navigation.

Monday 19 October 2020

  • 10 a.m. CEST
  • 05 p.m. CEST



Using unmanned systems for stand-off MCM: How to avoid obstacles

Relying on unmanned technologies to assess underwater threats, Navies have to make sure their autonomous system have optimum navigation capabilities in order to avoid obstacles and operate safely. Discover how ECA Group’s drones-based system UMIS chosen by Belgian and the Royal Netherlands Navies, and that integrates the latest iXblue avoidance sonars, can support you in conducting safe missions at sea.

Wednesday 21 October 2020

  • 02 p.m. CEST



Enhancing resilient positioning and navigation awareness

To enhance navigation awareness and crews short-time decision-making, iXblue has developed an advanced e-navigation solution relying on artificial intelligence. Through sensors redundancy and the augmented reality display of all key navigation information (routes, shallow waters, buoys, AIS…), Cetos Suite ensures a resilient and safe navigation.

Friday 23 October 2020

  • 10 a.m. CEST
  • 05 p.m. CEST






Discover our navigation products and solutions



Marins series


Marins Series and other Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)

The newly expended Marins Series of inertial navigation systems offers highly accurate, resilient and reliable navigation to all naval platforms (surface ships, submarines, AUVs…) and in all conditions, including within GNSS-denied environments. They ensure vessels safety and enable platforms to successfully perform their missions, mitigating the common risk posed by the jamming and spoofing of GNSS signals. Benefitting from iXblue’s strap-down and solid-state FOG technology, the Marins Series are exempt of all physical drawbacks and ensure that resilient navigation information is provided at all times, whatever the environment (shock, vibration, temperature…). Robust, they are especially suited to the demanding environments of naval warfare and provide very high performance, limiting platforms drift to up to 1 nautical mile in 360 hours (15 days).






Netans Series – Navigation Data Distribution & Computation Systems (NDDCS)

The Netans Series of Navigation Data Distribution & Computation System (NDDCS), that directly interfaces with the ship’s combat system and platform management, acquires, analyzes, correlates and distributes the navigation and positioning data collected by the various sensors to all onboard systems. Contributing to vessels operational capabilities, the Netans Series is a redundant real-time system that implements the latest cyber-security standards and protects naval platforms against cyber-attacks by detecting and alerting on sensors data and transmission anomalies such as GNSS spoofing and jamming. Embedding advanced algorithms, it provides resilient and reliable navigation information, while addressing the cybersecurity challenges faced by the world’s navies.


GECDIS-W – Warship Electronic Chart Display (WECDIS)

The Gecdis-W Warship Electronic Chart Display and Information System provides an intuitive interface for naval fleet navigation and route planning, submarine collision avoidance, weapons coverage and more. The system provides data fusion for integration of bathymetric, radar, optronic and other sensors.




FLS Series - Forward Looking Sonars

The FLS Series is a 3D multi-beam Forward Looking Sonar developed upon the request of French DGA (Defense Procurement Agency) and that keeps both people and strategic vessels out of harm’s way. The FLS Series provides a clear and precisely geo-referenced picture of the surrounding environment. Thanks to its unique three-dimensional coverage of the water column, bathymetric profile as well as robust bottom classification, iXblue’s FLS Series offers highly precise real-time detection and classification capabilities. It is especially suited for applications such as mine and obstacle avoidance, real-time mapping and safe navigation, as well as rapid environmental assessment (REA).


Cetos Suite – AI based e-navigation solution

Cetos Suite is an advanced artificial intelligence-based navigation solution that provides naval forces with full navigational awareness and enhances short-time decision making process for safer navigation. By reducing the navigational pool of error through the merging of sensors data, and by alerting crews members of GNSS spoofing and jamming, Cetos Suite brings more robust navigation








Gaps Series - Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) positioning and
communication systems

The Gaps Series is a range of high-accuracy Ultra Short Baseline (USBL) positioning and communication systems dedicated for operations such as mine countermeasures, that require the precise positioning of underwater vehicles, towed fish and divers. Recently chosen by French DGA for its Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) positioning and monitoring applications, the Gaps Series offers very high- precision geo-referenced positioning, as well as command and control of AUVs. Covering an extensive area thanks to its unrivaled horizontal tracking capabilities, it keeps the mothership well away from the area of risk, ensuring safer operations.



DriX – Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV)

DriX is a rugged, long-endurance Unmanned Surface Vessel that can conduct geophysical and hydrographic surveys at great speed, decreasing operational time while ensuring optimal data gathering. With its highly hydrodynamic hull, DriX offers unmatched seakeeping and high-speed transit capabilities (up to 14 knots), along with an enhanced autonomy of up to 10 days. Its gondola, that can host a wide range of payloads, is located two meters under the surface and ensures optimal data gathering within an exceptionally calm environment. Enhanced data collection, vessel time savings, and an extended working envelope make DriX the perfect autonomous platform to conduct bathymetric surveys.



Phins Compact Series – Inertial Navigation Systems

The Phins Compact Series is a genuine strap-down solid-state system free of moving parts that offers quiet and stealth autonomous navigation and does not interfere with sonars and other payloads acoustic noise, while also providing increased autonomy to the subsea platforms
thanks to its very low-power consumption. Offering a fully scalable and ITAR-free solution, it allows AUVs industry players to choose the INS the most suited to their needs, whatever the platform’s size and mission type.