For more than 30 years, iXBlue has focused on understanding and addressing the most challenging customer needs under the harshest operating conditions and pushing the boundaries of technology to open up new possibilities. iXBlue’s civil and defense customer applications encompass high-reliability navigation, robust underwater acoustic systems, synthetic sonar, advanced sensor-based positioners and precision georeferencing. Vertical integration enables us to address complex problems with robust system-level solutions and to establish strong service, support and training relationships.



Offshore Construction

Offshore construction and dredging

Installing structures on the seabed can be challenging, particularly in harsh environments. In these operations, the key requirements for our customers are reliability, safety, performance and efficiency. iXBlue’s activities in this segment focus on providing support for dredgers and for organizations installing infrastructure for the offshore energy industry.


Our systems are fitted on ships, platforms and subsea vehicles such as remotely operated and autonomous underwater vehicles, or are deployed on the seabed. Many major operators recognize the critical contribution that field-proven iXBlue solutions make to the efficiency of offshore operations.

Hydrography and geophysics

Geophysics and hydrography are key activities for understanding, exploring, exploiting and protecting our environment and natural resources.


iXBlue delivers turnkey solutions to the hydrographic and geophysical communities, thanks to high-productivity seabed mapping sonars, sub-bottom profilers, inertial navigation, underwater positioning systems and geophysical software.


Employing and collaborating with geophysics, oceanography and hydrography experts, iXBlue is well placed to support and train customers and to help them solve their daily challenges.

Ocean science

Our ocean science customers are involved in surveying the water column and measuring water physics. They achieve this using autonomous vehicles, gliders, buoys and towed systems to gather ocean data such as current speed, temperature, salinity, pressure and oxygen ratio.


iXBlue provides a range of acoustic releases and shackles that can support very heavy loads in a range of water depths. The scientific community usually uses these systems attached to buoys. Our ultra-short baseline positioning systems enable customers to easily monitor the underwater positions of divers and equipment.

Maritime vessels and yachting

iXBlue offers bundled system solutions, encompassing system and management software suites as well as advanced FOG-based navigation equipment for the commercial shipping industry. These cost-effective and innovative navigation products provide unrivaled reliability and require very low levels of maintenance.


The system solution offer includes the latest iXBlue technology in electronic chart display (ECD), in compliance with electronic chart display information system (ECDIS) standards. iXBlue provides a range of navigation equipment and management systems for yachts, fishing vessels and workboats operating in rivers and bay areas, including port-area tugboats and offshore supply vessels serving oil platforms.


Commercial fishing vessels have to balance operational efficiency, resource management and regulatory compliance. The profitability of fishing operations depends to a large extent on the operator’s ability to manage the production chain and distribution process. Rising operating costs and tightening regulatory constraints require operators to optimize day-to-day margins by enhancing catch methods and versatility.


iXBlue fish mapping and analysis solution uniquely addresses the above needs using innovative technology and field expertise.



iXblue, the new standard in naval navigation


The critical requirements in naval operations are the safety of the ships and the efficiency of weapon systems. These requirements call for very high-performance systems that can operate in hostile environments. iXBlue systems are fitted on first-rank ships, submarines and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV).


Comprehensive in-house capabilities, combined with the unrivalled performance of our navigation technology and components, make our systems the preferred choice for the world’s leading navies.


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Our customers in the land defense industries provide a wide range of equipment for land forces, including launchers, combat vehicles, forward-observation systems, tactical air control and air defense radars, battle-space surveillance and counter-battery radar, and communication systems.


iXBlue supplies inertial navigation systems (INS) and stabilized positioning platforms integrated into all types of guns, track or wheeled vehicles, optronic systems, radar and antenna dynamic positioners. Our expertise enables those involved in the battle space to improve the mobility and accuracy of their tactical systems, boost their communication capability and enhance their situation awareness.



Our customers need to establish accurate and reliable positioning for their systems in a variety of land, air and underground environments. The surveying systems include photogrammetric and mapping sensors for airborne and land surveys; drilling, mining and tunneling machine positioning and orientation sensors; trajectography and testing sensors, and communication and radar antennas. Critical functions for these equipments include in-flight dynamic payload positioning and orientation for airborne surveillance and navigation as well as embedded payload orientation for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). iXBlue systems provide very precise position and orientation information, thanks to the company’s full range of inertial navigation systems that feature post-processing data software.



A key segment of our customer base is involved in the manufacturing of motion sensors, accelerometers, gyroscopes and stabilized optronic systems with applications in the defense, space, aeronautics, consumer and automotive industries, and scientific research.


iXBlue is a world-leading supplier of precise rate tables, motion simulators and flight-motion simulators. We deliver customized solutions ranging from single-axis rate tables through three-axis motion simulators to five and seven axes for flight motion simulators.



iXBlue provides optical fibers, components, modulators and sensors that are applied in fiber-optic sensors, fiber-optic laser systems, telecommunications, space, defense and research. iXBlue, through its iXFiber and Photline Technologies subsidiaries, offers a complete range of key components for photonics systems.


iXBlue offers integrated fiber-optic gyroscopes (FOG) and a complete range of key components for photonics systems. FOGs are at the core of high-performance navigation systems in marine, defense, aeronautics, space and automotive uses.



For more than 15 years, iXBlue has provided vital optical components for the space industry. We are working in collaboration with Airbus Defense & Space (formerly Astrium), the leading manufacturer of launch vehicles, manned space activities and satellite systems and related services, to design and manufacture the industry’s best fiber-optic gyroscopes (FOG) for satellite applications.


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