Sensors and solutions for integrators


Whether it is for a single component or a full INS system, iXblue can provide its customers with various off-the-shelf equipments along with the relevant engineering, testing, trialling and training services.

iXblue strives to makes its products modular, compact and adaptable to the largest number of configurations. Its Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product ranges are designed to provide the desired level of performances to integrators and manufacturers constrained with challenging space requirements.

Product range


Inertial Navigation Systems

Phins Compact Series has been designed to offer the AUV industry players the ability to choose an inertial navigation system adapted to their vehicle, whatever their size and mission, from accurate navigation to survey grade.

Phins Compact Series

Octans Nano OEM



iXblue's expertise in inertial systems is based on a 20 years history in high-performance sensors integration. Today, iXblue makes part of its single-axis components available to inertial sensors integrators.

Single-Axis rotational seismometer

Single-Axis Fiber-Optic Gyroscope


Inertial Measurement Units