Earth Monitoring


iXblue stands today as a major player for scientific instrumentation. Leveraging 30 years of experience in the fields of Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) based on the Fiber-Optic Gyroscope (FOG) technology, iXblue developed a full range of products dedicated to science.

Product range


Rotational Seismometer

Seismology has been awaiting a portable broadband sensor for rotational motions for decades. blueSeis is the first sensor that fulfills the requirements of seismology. No calibration needed and maintenance-free

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true north

True North Aligner

Prerequisite for trustwhorthy 6-axis seismology measurements, Quadrans is a fully strap-down gyrocompass and attitude reference system. It provides all the necessary data to guarantee perfect sensor alignment to True North.

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sub bottom

Sub-Bottom Profiler

Echoes Series provides a complete solution for acquiring, processing and interpreting high-quality geological data thanks to its integration to Delph Seismic software.

Echoes Series

Delph Seismic


3D Multibeam Echosounder

Complete environment monitoring from water column to bathymetry and seabed classification thanks to the first compact civilian system comprising a dual Mill Cross multibeam sonar transducer.



Synthetic  Aperture Sonar

Sams Series expands the capabilities of conventional imaging Side Scan Sonar. The combination of iXblue technologies gives Sams systems optimal imaging performance.

Sams Series

Delph Sonar

Geophysical software

Geophysical software

Delph Series acquires and processes geophysical data. From the tight fusion of sensors to cartographies, Delph transformes raw data to mapping products in a very logical and ultra-efficient workflow.

Delph Suite

Delph Seismic

Delph Sonar


USBL positioning

iXblue delivers a complete USBL offer with an extensive track record of successful use from very shallow water (15 m) to greater depths (10,000 m). These products are easy to integrate and suited for various applications.

Gaps (MF)

Posidonia (LF)

MF Transponders

LF Transponders


LBL positioning

Highly precise, standard and reliable Long Baseline (LBL) and Sparse Long Baseline systems offer a truly independent positioning solution to aid and QC inertial navigation or seabed monitoring solution for geosciences projects.