3D multibeam sonar

3D multibeam sonar

Get seabed and biomass information

Fish finding, tracking and catching

SeapiX is a whole new category of equipment. For the first time in the fisheries market, in a unique product, a high-performance acoustic tool can merge acoustic data with the commercial fishing geographical information system, superimposing whole new layers of fishing information in 2D or 3D. SeapiX is a genuine “third way” 3-Dimensional sonar, offering both the key advantages of omnidirectional sonar and those of sounders, while at the same time providing completely new functionalities to fishermen in order to practise profitable and selective methods.
The advanced dual multibeam antenna provides exclusive tiltable sonar beams, providing three dimensional water column and biomass control all around the vessel, even with rough sea conditions and shallow water. SeapiX brings rich functionalities to the skipper, from six simultaneous sonar and echo sounder modes and 2D and 3D presentations. The skipper can activate the suitable sonar mode combination in order to secure his daily catch.


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